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Mobile System 7 Announces Expanded Data Security Capabilities for Interlock

Robert Bigman

Mobile System 7, a leading provider of enterprise data security products, announced that it has enhanced its flagship product, Interlock.  Interlock v1.7 extends data security protection to Microsoft’s Exchange and SharePoint.

“Many of our clients rely on Exchange and SharePoint for enterprise productivity so it was only natural that Interlock would provide data security for both.  Enterprises can now secure these applications with Interlock to protect them from malicious attacks,” said Mark McGovern, Mobile System’s founder and CEO. 

Mobile System 7's Interlock protects enterprise data from a variety of threats including compromised user account credentials and insider threats. Interlock provides an integrated solution that includes advanced Identity Analytics and Adaptive Access Controls which monitor individual user accounts and protect what is important to the enterprise – access to their sensitive applications and data. Interlock enables enterprises to quickly detect malicious activity and stop it.

The release of Interlock v1.7 comes a few weeks after the New York Times reported that a Russian crime ring has amassed the largest known collection of stolen Internet credentials, including 1.2 billion user name and password combinations and more than 500 million email addresses. 

“Compromised account credentials are a major security issue that every enterprise needs to address. Interlock provides the ability to protect corporate data from attackers who are using a compromised set of credentials or trying to gain illegitimate access to sensitive data,” said Robert Bigman, CEO of 2BSecure and former Chief Security Officer for the CIA.

Mobile System 7 was founded by a team of former US Intelligence Community professionals with the belief that advanced access analytics and real time controls are essential to enterprise data security. We love what we do and that passion drives us to deliver the best security products to our customers and partners.

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