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Smartphone Fingerprint Algorithms

Precise Biometrics technology in tier one smartphone

Håkan Persson
Precise Biometrics

Fingerprint Cards (FPC) has announced the first launch of a smartphone using the touch fingerprint sensor FPC1020. The fingerprint algorithm for FPC1020 has been co-developed between Precise Biometrics and FPC. The algorithm takes advantage of industry leading technology through Precise Biometrics fingerprint algorithm optimized for small sensors, Precise BioMatch Mobile™, as well as the image quality and associated software included in FPC1020.

“Last year, FPC licensed the Precise BioMatch Mobile algorithm from Precise Biometrics. Since then we have worked in close cooperation and the result of this is the best fingerprint sensor system performance in the entire mobile phone industry, says Jörgen Lantto, EVP, CTO and Head of Strategy & Product Management at FPC.

“We are driving innovation of fingerprint algorithms for small sensors in mobile environments. The cooperation with FPC brings together the best of two technologies, which provides synergies for future growth. This launch is an important milestone in our cooperation as well as our progress in the mobile market," says Håkan Persson, CEO of Precise Biometrics.

Precise BioMatch Mobile provides integration of fingerprint matching functionality into smartphones or tablets and is optimized for small sensors in mobile environments through a unique hybrid algorithm. The algorithm has achieved excellent test results in NIST Ongoing MINEX and MINEX II and has been supplied to over 100 million users worldwide.

About Precise Biometrics

Precise Biometrics is an innovative company offering technology and expertise for easy, secure, and accurate authentication using smart cards and fingerprint recognition.

 Founded in 1997, Precise Biometrics today has solutions used by U.S. government agencies, national ID card programs, global enterprises, and other organizations requiring multi-factor strong authentication.




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