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Our mission:
To help people achieve compliance through better choices.

We gather our facts directly from working practitioners dealing with compliance. We share the realities of a wide variety of compliance strategies and tactics.

Keep up to date on the latest techniques to gain compliance and keep compliant as the interpretation of the law as it evolves.

We also keep you abreast of; Proposed Rules, Final Rules, Concept Releases, Interpretive Releases, Policy Statements and Rulemaking. With a special focus on how they may affect you and how to deal with them.

The content is selected and reviewed by diverse editorial review process teams. During our editorial review process, our internal editors, editorial review board members and people working directly in the profession participate in a variety of ways to deliver a balanced picture. The goal is to accurately inform the reader.

Simplex Knowledge Company, an independent information organization, publishes a variety of topics and has been in business since 1994. For more information, please visit

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